Insert citations in doc from app

I would like the ability to insert the citation currently selected in the app at the location of the cursor in the currently selected Google Doc. While it is possible to search citations within the doc using the plugin, sometimes one’s workflow requires going to a particular folder or doing a keyword search, etc. within the app. Right not it seems I then have to go back to the doc and re-search for the current item. It would be nice if instead I could send the item to the doc somehow. If it is not possible for these two to talk to each other, one suggestion would be to use the citation key which can be copied from within the app. Right now, if I paste the citation key into the doc plugin search window, nothing seems to happen.

Oh, I forgot the most important reason! It is especially useful if one is entering more than one citation at the same time. For instance, I might have a keyword for a particular topic and want to enter 3 or 4 citations when I mention that topic in my paper. Right now the workflow for this isn’t that great, but if I could enter them all directly from the app it would be great.

It might be technically possible but not easy. Have you had a look at our new Add-on? If you search there the results stay an do not go away after you insert a citation.

Conceptually we have two extremes: Paperpile the full webapp that does everything and on the other end the Google docs citation box, which is – well – just a box.

The add-on should be something in between and we have plans to bring in as many features from the full webapp as possible. Of course we are limited by what’s possible in a narrow side-bar but we will do our best.

I did try the new add-on when it was announced, but I quickly stopped using it. I have not found it particularly useful for my needs. It seems to lack too many features that I rely upon in the app.

It’s not really meant to replace the existing plugin for Paperpile users. The main goal is to offer a free and simple way for everyone to add citations to Google Docs. Also it should make collaboration easier if a Paperpile user works with a non-Paperpile user.

Still, it would be interesting to know what features in particular you are missing. The book and Google Scholar lookup is a major one and the lack of a keyboard shortcut (both are purely technical and not under our control)

Anything else?

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