Integration with Word when?

What is the latest news on the Word plugin? Would appreciate at least a ballpark estimate.

My citations ecosystem is bound up with Paperpile, but my next project is too big for Google Docs, so if there’s no progress on that reasonably soon I will unfortunately have to migrate to something like Mendeley.


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Soon. Please follow the thread here: Using paperpile with Microsoft Word


Just curious, how big is “too big” for Google Docs, and why?

Book length manuscript.

Google Docs doesn’t handle large documents well in my experience.

I have written two 100+ page manuscripts with illustrations in word - chapters were separated and when I did did the final layout I did it all in acrobat being that I wanted it exactly right. Just throwing it out there.

Likewise, I’d love to continue with Google Docs with PaperPile but I’m kind of being coerced into using Word with RefWorks. If I have to use Word, I’d love to be able to continue working with PaperPile.

I just broke down and bought a PC. I can’t manage without a full version of Word anymore. I did like Paperpile but the deck is stacked. I’m going to give Mendeley a shot.

Please be advised that there is a Word Addon beta running now. The number of beta users is very limited at the moment though. For more information: