iPad how to change paper meta fields

Is there a way to change meta fields in iPad or do we have to make those changes in the web version?

Also, in the pdf annotator - is it not possible to add new colors in iPad?


Negative on both counts, @snehesh. Metadata editing on mobile is well within our plans and currently being worked on, and we do also intend to coordinate colors between the web and mobile viewers (which makes complete sense, but we have not yet prioritized doing so). Adding your +1 to both topics on our tracker.

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Thanks, even though not critical these do help with a smoother workflow. Thanks for the update.

Add a +1 for color syncing for me too. I do a lot of color-coding as I’m annotating articles, and it’s frustrating not to be able to use the same system on the iPad and I have set up on the web version.


+1 to being able to edit citations on an ipad and open pdfs


Hi. Any progress with it?