Label dropdown button to assign labels to papers in shared folder list

I know you can select papers in a shared folder and drag them over onto a label in the sidebar to assign them, but I think it’s more intuitive to just have the label dropdown button in the toolbar like how it is in the personal library list view. Like, I didn’t even know you could drag papers over on to a label to assign them like that until I came here to see if it was possible or requested.

It’d be nice to have the option to do it either way. And perhaps make it more apparent that you can drag-and-drop papers onto labels in the sidebar to assign them. Maybe I missed some UI tip/hint pop-up and/or an “i” information button but it wasn’t obvious to me that that was possible. If I didn’t miss anything, then those might be useful.

Also, as a part of this request, it’d be nice to also have the label shortcut.

As I mentioned in my reply on your other thread, there is a keyboard shortcut to access labels in the new Paperpile in beta. This should also carry over to shared folders.

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