Logseq plugin supports Paperpile BibTeX

Very happy to announce that the Logseq Citation Manager plugin has been released on the Logseq plugin marketplace. I am not the developer, but I put up a bounty for development and worked helping test and give feedback.


  • Supports customisable page and block templates
  • Supports embedding and linking to Bibtex items in the form of pages and links
  • Supports Zotero, Paperpile and other applications with supports for .bib references
  • Supports aliases for the links to the reference
  • 100% local
  • Performant with over 6000 references!

If the .bib file from Paperpile had more info, this plugin could do even more. For instance, it would be great if it had the path to the PDF included, since Logseq has its own PDF annotation tool built-in.

UPDATE: see earlier request for this here