URL Scheme with Citekey

I mentioned this in the thread about automatic BibTeX sync, but I’d like to make it into a separate feature request because it would greatly aid integration with other apps, like Logseq. I’ve been testing out a new plugin that reads the BibTeX file from Paperpile and generate Logseq pages with the citekey, but what is missing is a way to go from that output back to Paperpile.

Currently I can copy the citekey, open Paperpile, and then search for the citekey. What I’d like is to be able to generate a link in the form https://paperpile.com/app?[citekey] that would automatically open Paperpile to the correct item. Then this could be written into the Logseq plugin so one can directly link back to the file.

If this was combined with links to the PDF in the bibtex file (which would allow directly opening the PDF from Logseq), then Paperpile integration would be much closer to what is currently possible with Zotero.


@Kerim the team confirms this sort of URL scheme is not contemplated in our upcoming revamp, but wouldn’t be too difficult to achieve once the novelties are up and running. As usual, I’ve added your feedback to our tracker for us to consider then.