MetaPDF general notes tab

I’d really like it if MetaPDF had a general notes section like Paperpile has underneath a reference. Most times I jot notes unrelated to a specific section of a paper but unfortunately do not have a space do do this on MetaPDF!


Agreed, would be great. Importantly, bullet list and simple formatting would make this very helpful.

+1. I’d also like to bump the feature request for markdown integration in the general notes section.

I’m also interested to see the changes John have mentioned. Crucially bullet list and simple line formatting will be key changes.

Bump! I would also love it if the general notes from Paperpile continued to be visible in MetaPDF. While I sometimes want to make embedded comments, I also like to have an overall notes section for the article (and some basic formatting features would be especially awesome). I love how the classic PDF viewer has this as a floating window in the corner, with the content also visible in the main Paperpile reference library. I currently copy and paste notes from Apple’s Stickies as a workaround.