MetaPDF offline

MetaPDF keeps telling me I’m offline when I’m not, which is frustrating.

Would it be possible to have annotation in MetaPDF work offline (à la Google Docs)? Or at least it should function more reliably with weak or intermittent internet connections. If not I will be forced to use alternatives as I frequently work remotely (e.g. on trains).


We use a third party JS library to detect online/offline state. It’s kind of important to know when there is no connection and the changes can’t be saved so we explicitly show this warning.

That said, it is not meant to be a permanent thing. The goal is that everything works offline eventually and in that case the switch between online/offline should happen silently behind the scenes and there is no need to show a warning.


Thanks for the info, Stefan.

The warning doesn’t bother me; it’s the fact I’m prevented from continuing to annotate. On a weak connection it would be preferable to allow me to continue and then sync changes once I’m back online.

Exactly, that’s the idea of the offline mode. We are in good position to make this happen but it’s not trivial and we left it out initially to get it out for beta testing earlier.


Metapdf appears to be offline at the moment, in the sense that is unreachable.

The version of metapdf built into Paperpile works fine, though, which makes me think it’s an issue with the metapdf domain only.

The Wordpress website in front of the app was down. Sorry for the trouble.

Since the Chrome app launches a link to the website, that makes sense. Thanks for fixing.