More sorting criteria for shared folder websites

Currently, articles in a folder are sorted by title in ascending alphabetical order.

It would be good if folders could also be sorted by:

  • date of publication (ascending/descending)
  • surname of main author
  • added date
  • type (review, article, etc.).

For such custom sorting, headings would be useful (like in Windows Explorer when custom sorting).

You already can sort by all the criteria you listed:


Still, not in a folder shared outside of Paperpile (

Our idea of the sharing pages is that they should be a lightweight and quick way to share papers with anyone. It’s not our goal to reproduce the full Paperpile UI. If more features are needed signing up for Paperpile is quick and easy.

See that. These are “rich” options for the use of the viewer - while I had in mind basic controls for the sharer. For instance, no weight would be added to the page if sorting is implemented using URL parameters:

(Sorting by author, journal, type, etc., should be left to the proper PP interface.)

That small addition would mean a very useful functionality.

The idea of sharing a folder externally is that viewers don’t have to sign up for an account, download Chrome, etc.

I second the above suggestion. As the sharer, I would like to have control over the order of articles as seen by people with whom I share folders.

Any update on the buggy sorting order in shared folders?


I’m afraid, we currently don’t have plans to change the sharing pages. I can’t see how they are buggy, actually it’s one of the very popular features and our data suggests they work very well.

There is clearly room for improvement but that must be seen in the big picture of all the other features our user are waiting for.

We’ve now started working on an alternative implementation of the web sharing pages that will make it easier to sort and search them. I can’t give a date when it will be available and it won’t be this year but it’s now on our roadmap.


I am wondering if there has been any update on the sorting in the web presentation of shared links. I am sharing my publications on my lab website and the order of the papers seem to be arbitrary. I don’t mind sorting by either year or author, as long as it has some apparent order, it would be good enough for me.

Same here, I was hoping to be able to share some folders on a website. Any update?

We have a significant revamp of our sharing structure planned. It’s a big, already-outlined project we have not been able to prioritize but hope to get to in the near future.

Hi! Any news about this project ? Thanks!