♻️ New: Automatic BibTeX sync and Overleaf integration (public beta)

What’s new?

  • Automatically sync and external BibTeX file. Whenever you add, update or remove references in your library Paperpile will update the BibTeX file.
  • You can sync a folder, label or your whole library to a BibTeX file.
  • You can choose your destination:
    • Google Drive. Once your BibTeX file is on Google Drive you can use it on all your devices however you want, e.g. sync to your local Desktop computer.
    • GitHub. Use this option, if you use GitHub for version control of your manuscript. For every change, Paperpile will commit the updates to your repository.
    • Download link. Sync your BibTeX file to a private download link. You can use it on the command line, or in automatic scripts.
    • Overleaf: Download link that can be included in your Overleaf project.

Activate and use the new features

Here is a 4-minute walkthrough for the automatic BibTeX export:


  • You cannot export shared folders.
  • Exported files are read-only. All changes you make directly to an exported BibTeX file will be overwritten when Paperpile next syncs the content. If you or your colleagues want to add entries manually, we suggest to use multiple BibTeX files, e.g.
    • you have one automatically exported paperpile.bib file and one manual other-references.bib file and include both in your manuscript with \bibliography{paperpile, other-references}.


Please report your first impressions, bugs and general feedback here in this thread :point_down:

We already want to thank all of you who gave feedback over the years leading to these new features, including more then 500 users who answered our BibTeX survey :blush:


I would be interested in using this with something like Logseq or Obsidian. I was playing around with Zotero for which there are already a number of plugins. The BibTex output already basically works with the Citations plugin for Obsidian but the link it generates is something like: zotero://select/items/@citekey. Is there a way to generate a similar URL that would open the item in Paperpile?

UPDATE: Or perhaps the Bibtex file could be updated to include the unique library link for each item in paperpile?


This is very cool but would be even cooler if one had the same flexibility as the standard BibTeX export in terms of creating the bibtex file. In particular:

  1. Apply filters like “Has PDF”.
  2. Include a “file” field in each entry (that has a file).


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My team and I would love to see this Automatic BibTeX sync feature to extend to shared folders. Thank you for your time and consideration!


:+1:+1 for this. PLEAAASE let us integrate with Obsidian!


Hey PDs and developers,

I wanted to try this new function but when I click my setting button, there is no workflows and integration button at my interface.

And also there is nothing in my feature preview interface.

Could you tell me why? Is the reason that I have a free trial now?

@Jinyuan please check your Feature Preview tab again - should be enabled now. I’ve added a couple weeks to your trial period so you have more time to test the feature.

Any other users not seeing the option in their settings can contact us via chat/email (support@paperpile.com) and we’ll enable the option.