No share option in safari iOS

I just got an iPad Pro 2018 and installed paperpile through TestFlight.

Everything works except Paperpile doesn’t show up as a share to option in safari for any journal website. I clicked on the three dot thing to see which apps can be enabled - there is a list there but paperpile is not among them. I did this both with activities and with actions in safari.

What gives? How do I add references from mobile safari without this?

I tried restarting the iPad and also tried uninstalling and reinstalling paperpile. But it looks like paperpile isn’t installing itself as a service that can accept links from safari…


If the app is installed the extension should be shown as a share option, could you share a screenshot of the share options you have available ?

it’s working now… i had to update my OS to iOS 13 from iOS 12.