Unable to share URLs to Paperpile in iOS?

Is there functionality to share a particular URL to the Paperpile app in iOS? I don’t see any option in the iOS share panel to send a URL or PDF to Paperpile for archiving.

No share option in safari iOS suggests that this functionality should exist, but I’m not seeing it in Safari or Chrome for either journal article pages or PDFs open in the browser.

I’m running a freshly installed app on iOS 14.4.2.

Welcome to our forum, @nikhilarundesai! Is this still the case? The option should appear on Safari and Chrome alike when hitting the share button. Let me know.

I’m now able to see Paperpile as an option in the share panel for URLs within some apps, which is great. Thanks so much!

I’m still having some issues because it doesn’t consistently show up as an option for all apps, but I think this has something to do with iOS share settings rather than Paperpile and am looking into it.

I also haven’t been able to share PDFs to Paperpile as far as I can tell. Is this behavior supported or will it be supported in the future?

@nikhilarundesai, sometimes it is necessary to indicate the type of content being shared in order for Paperpile to appear. This can be done by clicking Options as signaled below (from my iPhone).

When you mention not being able to share PDFs to Paperpile, where are you sharing from? On mobile, PDFs can be added from the web and internal storage (although the latter won’t pull metadata). Let me know.