Notes on mobile

I saw a few posts from a year ago or longer asking for the notes feature to be available on mobile, and staff replies suggested it was on the way, but still doesn’t seem to be there? Any news on whether this will be available? Would be so useful!

Welcome to our forum, @Sam_Crane! Notes on mobile are still planned – we just haven’t been able to prioritize updating / adding features to the apps so far, but hope to soon (perhaps 2023). In the meantime, I have added your +1 to the topic on our tracker.

After getting close to the end of my 1 month trial, the lack of “notes” on the mobile version may be what makes me not continue with paperpile. I often read articles on my phone and make a summary note while I do so. I later use those notes to create an annotated bibliogrpahy - a key part of my work as I’m working on a new grant or paper. So, not having access to notes across devices is a major workflow issue for me. I’ve been trying multiple reference management programs recently since Mendeley lost a lot of its prior funcitonality and Paperpile is at the top of the pile except for this feature!