Office 365 integration

Does paperpile addon on browser work with Microsoft office 365? Can we manage citation just by having the addon in the bowser while working online.


Our extension & sidebar add-on are exclusive to Google Docs for now, and our Word plugin only runs as a desktop app (not for Word online).

We do have plans to support any word processing software via a workflow of inserting citation placeholders and processing the document at the end. No precise timeline for this yet, but Iā€™m adding your +1 to the topic on our tracker to raise its priority.


Having paperpile usable on Microsoft 365 would be extremely helpful as my institution has switched from gmail to outlook.


Any updates on when a 365 integration would take place?

No update on 365 integration @Fr_David_Elias, as we are currently prioritizing the rewrite of the web app. I have added your +1 to our internal tracker for consideration in the future.