Option to not import shared folder papers to library after assigning label

For my use case, I don’t like that Paperpile always tries to import papers from my shared folder back into my own library when I assign labels to them via drag-and-drop. In my case, that’s where I got them from originally and so it’s not necessary. Would be nice if any papers added from my library to the shared folder are linked somehow and so it recognizes if they’re already there. Or perhaps a popup option to not import them when assigning the label. Or whatever makes it work so my personal library and the shared folder aren’t silo’d like that.

I realize that it won’t create duplicates if they’re already there but still, it’d be nice to have the option to not import in case there are other background tasks running.

Thanks for your comments on how labels operate in shared folders, @SergeiWallace.

Currently, in shared folders, you can:

  1. Assign labels to references shared by you by dragging the reference into the label in the label tree.
  2. Assign labels to references shared by others by dragging the reference into the label in the label tree. Then the “Add Paper to Library” dialog opens where Paperpile lets you know that 1 shared paper is about to be added to your personal library and labeled with the desired label.

But the sharing features have been rewritten by the team and there will be changes to shared folders that will be part of the new Paperpile in beta, which should take care of issues like this.

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