Paperpile for mobile (iOS) support for links

When using links like the one below on mobile, they open in the browser, but Paperpile is not accessible in the browser (at least, it doesn’t allow me to sign in on mobile, instead telling me to use the iOS app or sign in on desktop). Ideally links on mobile should be opened directly by the app (like when opening links to Google Maps).

For example, I can save links to my papers from Paperpile in Obsidian, and when I click on the link in the mobile Obsidian app I want to reopen the paper in the Paperpile app, but that doesn’t seem to be possible right now.

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 16.38.58

Welcome to our forum, @marco. I agree there could be a redirect option to open links directly in the mobile app so have added your feedback to our tracker for the team to consider. Once our new web extension and UI (currently in beta) are fully implemented, we will be able to prioritize updates for mobile and other areas.

That being said, the new web app will/does run on mobile browsers (without the extension), so at least links will be accessible when switching to it.