Paperpile + Mindmap?

If paperpile can integrate a mindmap like Docear did, it would be fantastic. It will be truly all-in-one manager.
Make sense?


This sounds quite interesting.

Could you explain a bit more about how the mindmap function worked in Docear, and how you’d like to see it implemented in Paperpile?

Here is the intro video for that.

I think the cool thing about it is it no longer serves only as a manager but also an assistant for drafting paper (mind map+manager).

I was trying to integrate these two by myself but failed.

Hope this can provide some inspiration for the developers

I think this would be great as well. I’ve used Docear in the past and have found being able to link specific papers to topics/sections to be extremely helpful. There are other ways to do this but with a mindmap you can see the general overview and rearrange things before you start writing.

It’s not an essential feature but it would be much appreciated.

If you are looking at generating a overview map from a Paperpile directory have a look at Mohiomap, which I use as an ad on to paper pile. Lets me stay within Chrome and steer clear of Java.

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That’s pretty cool but I don’t think it’s quite what I would be looking for in terms of planning a document. Agree with wanting to stay away from Java though.

We get this idea quite often. It’s the rare cases of a feature for which there seems to be at least some demand but which we still don’t consider to include.

The reason is that we want to focus on our core product which is reference management. Mind mapping is a category on its own with many great tools out there already. So implementing it in Paperpile would you probably don’t give the best mind-mapping experience and would distract us from our core product.

So perhaps we can discuss here which tools people use and how it could be better integrated with Paperpile

I’d be very interested in knowing how to integrate concept mapping with Paperpile - a huge bottleneck for me when writing a manuscript is sifting through all my annotations and highlights multiple times to find relevant information for each of the sections I am compiling and writing. It is laborious and time-consuming. If there was a way to mind map (or otherwise) annotations whilst preserving the associated metadata it would be very very useful.

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