Paperpile without accessing google

Some old companies have banned login to google etc. to prevent information leakage. We couldn’t use paperpile because we can’t log in google from our company. Is there a way to use paperpile without accessing google? For example, we can log in mendeley with its own ID and password.


Not at the moment, but we do intend to offer an independent sign-in in the future as it definitely makes sense. I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker.

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yes, this would be nice not because I don’t want to use the google integration (syncing with google drive is super nice) but I want to access my library without logging into gmail as a security measure.

It would be nice to have an option to login to a service other than Google. O365 integration would be a welcome addition, since I have worked in offices that precent any login to Google Drive.

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I’m waiting for the implementation of this option. Do you have any plans to implement it? When implementing, I would like you to have a way to migrate from an existing account to an account with another ID.

Thanks for the ping here, @believeitmyway. This is definitely planned and already being worked on by the team - both the possibility to use any email for sign up and to easily switch an account’s associated email. I don’t have a precise timeline for this yet but we expect to roll new features out over the coming months, so stay tuned :raised_hands:t4:


So when this happens, will it solve the migration issue? My university has also stopped supporting Google Drive and eventually I will no longer have access to it. This is where my > 3000 pdf files are located. I’ve been putting off migrating to my personal google account because it’s very tedious (I have over 100 different labels), and it doesn’t sound like it always works.

I need this too. and/or add Microsoft 365 login. Github login might be useful, too.

@SergeiWallace We plan to have Microsoft log in and make it easier to switch accounts in the new Paperpile, once we have the new web app and extension rolled out.

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