Please make new tabs open adjacent to current tab

When I click the ‘View PDF’ button it would be great if the PDFs opened in tabs next to the current tab, which is default tab-opening behavior in general.

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We open the tabs through the Chrome extension. I don’t know off the top of my head if it’s technically possible to influence the order where the new tab opens. But I would assume it’s possible. I’ve made a note in our internal bug tracker to investigate that.

I’d like to second/bump this request. It’s quite cumbersome when you are working on a project with a dozen or more tabs open and you cannot control where they pop up. As per epistasis’ comment, having the tab open up immediately to the right of the tab you are working in in Paperpile should be the default behaviour.

(At the moment, in my case, the tabs are most often appearing to the right of the first tab I have open.)

I have a related weird bug - if I have 8 or more tabs open, clicking View PDF always opens the pdf in the 8th tab position! Doesn’t matter which tab the paperpile library is in.

I’m using Chrome.

Edit bc I forgot to say, the Website and PubMed links also open in the 8th tab position.

I third this suggestion. To be blunt, the location in which paperpile opens pdf documents in the tab list makes NO SENSE. Let me be very clear—it is absurd. It is also quite annoying in a window with many tabs open (who doesn’t have 5 or 10+ tabs open when doing a literature search).

adding my +1 to this

still no fix for this! tabs open in random locations

@Matthew_Johnson I’m happy to report that this has been fixed in the new Paperpile (in private beta) - clicking on a PDF will open it next to the Paperpile tab.

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Yay! Totally forgot about posting in this thread but will still be very happy to see this added. I’ve kind of gotten used to tabs appearing in unexpected places.