Problem Labeling References after Sharing a Folder

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I have shared a folder containing individual references with a colleague.

I mentioned that she would have to create her own labels since labels are not shared along with the folder.

However, the problem she has in this shared folder is that she can only move the references to the labels she has created but cannot move the label to the ref and as a result cannot see which labels are attached to each record. She has to click on each individual label on the left of the screen to see which references are attached to it, which is not convenient.

Plus, in the original folder which I shared with her I can move labels across to references easily which are then clearly visible in the ref itself.

So, am just wondering if I am doing something wrong when I share the folder, or whether this is an unavoidable quirk of Paperpile. Is it possible to move labels to separate references in a shared folder?

Grateful for any advice!
Thanks a lot

Short answer, don’t rely on any functionality of labels in shared folders at the moment.

If you are the owner of an item you will see the labels you have assigned. if you are not the owner you don’t see the labels. You can drag it to one of your own labels in which case it will be imported to your own library and attached this label.

We are working on some major improvements of sharing that should solve these issues. But it’s not an incremental update, it’s rather part of a complete rewrite of the sharing features so it will take some time until becomes available.


I was wondering what is your timeframe on solving this issue? We are using Paperpile as an collaboratove tool in our team and I would really help, if we could share also the labels.

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Any update?

(For visibility) I have two feature requests related to labels and shared folders to improve interoperability and user experience.