Reading History



Hi Paperpile Team,

It would be amazing to have a history of the files one has been reading.

E.g. this could for each day simply be a list of the papers one has been reading sorted by the order they were accessed in. Not sure if duplicates should be allowed, or only the most recent access should be kept on the list for that day.

It would be nice to keep a list for each day, as one might remember reading something on a specific day or maybe a whole collection of papers, but not which paper exactly. Having a full history would assist in relocating papers when remembering such things.

Not sure how far back is necessary for the history to go, but I guess as far back as possible. Such a history could of course be extended with notes, annotations, etc.

This idea tries to solve the same issue as this request, but in a better way, in my opinion.



Hi Philip,

Thanks, that’s a great idea, we’ll put it on the list of feature requests to be reviewed!