Sort by "Last Updates" or "Last Read"

As the title mention, it will be great to have this kind of feature. Sometimes, I can forget the recent paper title I was reading, but I know I read it recently.
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+1 - A recent activity feed could be a nice way to present this in a web app. The recent activity view could show recent notes or reads. I have a similar issue where I probably scan 50-100 articles in a week and always forget to reference at least one that I later need.

Recently read was a view I used a lot in Mendeley.


It would be very helpful to see the papers that I recently accessed. In other words, the fact that I clicked on a paper title or opened the PDF is a very strong signal that this paper will be relevant to me in the near future. When I come back to Paperpile tomorrow, I will want to continue browsing the papers that I was browsing today.

One way to implement this feature is to add another option to the “Sort by” menu called “Date Accessed”.

This feature request is similar in spirit to existing features in other software, such as the “Recents” folder that automatically shows up in the window in macOS. This folder contains all the files that you opened in the last few days.


We have thought about adding a “Recents” section and in particular on the new mobile apps it would make sense as those apps are often mainly used just for reading. I’ve marked this item as “Under review” and we will post updates on the issue here.


Yes, I totally think it is very useful to have “most recent read” button/function. What happens very often when read papers is: we go to another cited paper and add that into my paperpile while reading one paper. And when we finish reading the paper, paperpile will go to whatever I last add into, and end up with wasting me 5 minutes to find the paper that I just have read. This is a bit distracted especially when we have some idea and needs to put that in the note of that paper. Sometimes I almost forgot what I planned to write when I finally find the paper…

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Yes, please give us a update of what this is going on :slight_smile:


So I noticed that Paperpile does keep track of changes made to papers (including annotations made). See last line of the metadata of this paper.

Can we please use this information to implement a Sort by Last Modified option ?
(As well as Sort by Date Accessed as @slowkow explained in his annotated screenshot?


Would love to see this. Would really make a difference to my work flow.

+1 I just wanted to express my support for this feature as well. Similar to many folks here I scan through many articles during the week and usually forget the title/ author names, which makes it hard to go back to.

Would be good

Any update?

Really enjoying paperpile, and this feature would make my workflow more efficient.

Welcome to our forum, @Ryan_J! No concrete updates yet although this has come up frequently throughout the years and is well on our radar. There already is a ‘recently read’ tab on the mobile apps and we have plans to implement new workflows on web which will allow for a similar function.

as someone with ADHD, I REALLY NEED THIS FEATURE ! Please develop this soon, Mendeley has this feature too.

Zotero has plug-ins:

If Paperpile had community plug-ins, how long do you think it would take for the community members to add a Recent Papers button to the web app?

To my recently read option is a must have. I am wondering why it is still not there in the face of many demands? I would be thankful to get a reply.

@Marjan Thank you for bumping this thread. The team have had to prioritize the development of the new web app and extension (in beta). We plan to include Recents in the new web app in a future release.


@suzanne Thank you for your reply and look forward to that!

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