Readwise Integration

Any chance of integration with Readwise? I’d love to be able to pull my highlights straight into Readwise.



I don’t think the request’s come up before, @MichaelRothlisberger, so I’ve added it as a new topic on our internal tracker. Even if not direct integration, perhaps new features / solutions would facilitate workflows like yours in the future.


This would be helpful.



Hypothesis and already integrate with Readwise. They have a public API.

You can email annotated PDFs to directly. Might be a a decent stop-gap solution for the time being. Still not ideal, as it would be great to have an automatic sync instead.

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What’s your sense of worldbrain vs hypothesis and how do you integrate it in your workflow?

I use PP PDF app to annotate PDFs and less often hypothesis for websites- and end up exporting highlights into markdown outline or notes apps (dynalist and obsidian respectively) though I suspect my workflow can be more efficient. I am unimpressed with hypothesis- the interface and functionalities for non-LMS users are paltry and haven’t changed for years. Last time I tried Worldbrain, it seemed cumbersome though the devs have recently de-emphasized indexing in favor of annotation so things may have changed.

+1 … would love this feature


Yes, this would be very useful!

API docs:

I mostly use Logseq to organise my notes and right now I use Readwise to import highlights from Pocket, Kindle, Feedly, and a few others. If I had the ability to sync my Paperpile highlights and notes too, that would make my life a lot easier. Logseq has integration for Readwise, which also has Roam, Obsidian, RemNote, and others, so it would allow many different import-export flows.

Is there any update on this?

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Thank you @hellstrom for your feedback. No update on Readwise integration, but we will add your +1s for Logseq and Readwise to our internal tracker for the team’s consideration.

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Big +1 to Readwise. I’m happy to build an integration myself if there are developer APIs.


+1 Fully support this.

+1 to Readwise please

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+1 !!! this would be so productive

Yes please! +1

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Did this Readwise integration ever make it to development? It would be such a big boost for my PKM system.

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Not yet, @JapesHK – the matter is on our radar but we have thus far lacked the resources to consider/action it. Once our new extension and web-app (currently in beta) are fully implemented, we will have a more solid platform from which to work on topics like this one.

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I really would like to see this integration as well. Game changer status.

+1 This would be incredibly helpful!