Readwise Integration

Any chance of integration with Readwise? I’d love to be able to pull my highlights straight into Readwise.



I don’t think the request’s come up before, @MichaelRothlisberger, so I’ve added it as a new topic on our internal tracker. Even if not direct integration, perhaps new features / solutions would facilitate workflows like yours in the future.


This would be helpful.



Hypothesis and already integrate with Readwise. They have a public API.

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You can email annotated PDFs to directly. Might be a a decent stop-gap solution for the time being. Still not ideal, as it would be great to have an automatic sync instead.

What’s your sense of worldbrain vs hypothesis and how do you integrate it in your workflow?

I use PP PDF app to annotate PDFs and less often hypothesis for websites- and end up exporting highlights into markdown outline or notes apps (dynalist and obsidian respectively) though I suspect my workflow can be more efficient. I am unimpressed with hypothesis- the interface and functionalities for non-LMS users are paltry and haven’t changed for years. Last time I tried Worldbrain, it seemed cumbersome though the devs have recently de-emphasized indexing in favor of annotation so things may have changed.

+1 … would love this feature