[RESOLVED] Citation popup does not grab cursor focus

I noticed that when I invoke citation popup (the thing below), the text field (where “Type keywords …” is) does not have the cursor focus, so before I can search for the citation to insert, I need to mouse-click in the text field.

I believe in the past it was grabbing the cursor automatically. Did anything change? I don’t know if this is a bug, or intentional change of behavior.

It is quite disruptive to leave the keyboard, grab the mouse and click on the text field, while typing text. Would be great if the text field could grab the cursor automatically.


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Thanks for the report, @Andrey. This issue appears to be reproducible on any Google Doc and has been reported by a few other users here and via chat. The team had looked into it when last reported but was not able to prioritize a fix until now - it’s definitely a significant disruption for writing workflows so they are actively working on it. I’ll reach out again with an update when there is one.


Happy to report that this issue appears to be resolved! Thank you!

No fix yet for this? it is a very frustrating behaviour.

@Yassine_Souilmi, how long have you been experiencing this behavior for? As mentioned on both threads, the issue was resolved and there have been no reports since. Perhaps you’ve already tried restarting the extension and the browser? Feel free to reply here or via chat/email (support@paperpile.com).

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Fixed for me too.

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