Save website as PDF with date



Since when citing a website you cite the way website was on a certain day, it would be good if Paperpile could save a PDF or screen capture of the website when you choose the “Add as a website reference” option. Personally I really like the way the Evernote web clipper saves and archives a simplified view of a webpage, but I find the process of creating an Evernote clip, getting a share URL and then entering that in Paperpile rather cumbersome. Both Zotero and Sente are able to save a version of the website directly to the citation and I think Paperpile should as well.

I think this is an already existing feature request made by someone else, but Paperpile also needs to save the access-date when doing this, in addition to the publication date, as it is required by many bibliographic formats.


+1 I’d also love this feature.


I would very much like this feature to, please: this would avoid rotting links when the website goes dark – avoiding losing the content. That would be very useful!


I would really like this too. Right now I have to print the webpage to a PDF, then drag and drop it to the reference in Paperpile.


And a yes please to this feature from me too


I’d love this too. Now I print a website to PDF and add it as a file. Zotero has this functionality, calling it “snapshots”.


Do you automatically get a PDF in Zotero, or is it saved as HTML?


No, it’s not a pdf indeed, but a html. It does include images, styles, etc. I’d prefer a pdf, but I guess saving a website to pdf is not straightforward, and html does the trick. For me the most important thing is to have a backup copy in case the website goes down, and to know exactly what a website looked like on a certain date.


+1 for this feature. Saving as pdf or MHTML single file instead of zotero way which is to save legacy MHTML with related directory to save non-html external resources, images, scripts, etc. PDF is always better as long as it is readable format with print-friendly css.



+1 from me too.

In relation to this request, or perhaps partly to satisfy it, it would be great if Paperpile could be somehow integrated with WebCite.

The dream would be that Paperpile – all from simply adding a webpage as a reference – would:

  1. Archive the URL in WebCite,
  2. Save the archived URL as the reference in Paperpile,
  3. Create (and save in Paperpile) a PDF version of the archived webpage,
  4. Serious dreaming now, but, if Paperpile could work with WebCite to generate a DOI for the archived webpage!

That would be a feature seriously worth paying for. Citing webpages (blogs etc) is becoming increasingly important, and this would be a really excellent way of doing it.


I think that would be a fantastic feature needed by most people.


I am not sure whether method mentioned is also saves webpage with date and also can it save with the images available in the webpage. Please suggest

save webpage as pdf


Where do you store the pdf file that you save and link?


+1! Readcube used to do this too, which was terribly convenient. Even better if you could make a permanent URL to the PDF screenshot for sharing.