Searching for labels in google drive since can't search inside of PDFs in paperpile

New to Paperpile. I realize Paperpile can’t search inside of PDFs yet. Luckily google drive can search both the pdf content and annotations. But as I add labels(tags) to items in Paperpile, those don’t show up in gdrive searches!

The reason i need this is that i have hundreds of PDFs with specific annotations that I would like to search for and then batch-label them. I can do the search in gdrive, but then i have set of pdfs that i can’t batch-label…

And I want to select a bunch of new PDFs added to Paperpile and add a label to them, then have that label searchable in gdrive. (to avoid making folders for them since gdrive sync tool doesn’t play well with PDFs in multiple folders).

I hope that is clear. Thanks, Joe

Are you sure GDrive can search annotations? For me it only seems to search the PDF content.

You can search within the PP PDF reader. (Or do you mean from the main index?)

And see / export annotations in a variety of ways.


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@Joseph_Dumit implementing PDF full-text search is one of our current objectives, so the workflow you describe will be possible from the library interface. No concrete timeline to share at the moment, but the current expectation is to have news by the end of this year.

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