Share to social & sharing without annotations

I share a lot of papers with labmates/supervisor and want to share links to PDFs, but I do an obnoxious amount of highlighting that it not useful to anyone else.

My first question is: Why is the default to send links to PDFs with personal annotations? And will there every be an option to send without?

Second, I had the thought to send a link to the paper’s website instead using the Share to social, but when I do that it only shows a single red Google+ button that is broken because Google+ has been discontinued. Is something wrong?

Any ideas for other workarounds for the time being is appreciated!


Thanks for the query, @alis_campbell. This has come up before and been on our backlog since then. It is still planned - currently the team is working on a complete rewrite of our sharing system which once released will facilitate implementing the ability to share PDFs without annotations. Adding your +1 to the topic on our tracker for their consideration.

As for sharing to social, we do need to remove the G+ button but the Twitter / Facebook options should be there. Do they not appear on your end?


That’s great news about the work being done to the sharing system!

I only ever see the G+ icon! I’ve tried several times.


Thanks for the detail, @alis_campbell. It turns out we are actually discontinuing the Share to social function due to the bugginess you’ve experienced and its low usage. I don’t have alternatives to offer at the moment other than regular link-sharing, sorry!

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Hi @vicente. That all makes sense. Thanks for looking into it, though, and for letting me know that updates are still on the roadmap!

I am also looking forward to this function that allows us to share a version of the pdf without my personal annotation. Please keep us posted on this update. Thank you!

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