Shared folders owned by no one individual

At our company, we use Paperpile to organize our papers. The current behavior of Paperpile requires that one person own each shared folder. We are concerned about continuity if the person who originally created the folder structure leaves the company. Google Drive itself used to have this same limitation, but Google added Team Drives to solve this. Items in Team Drives are owned by the organization rather than by an individual. It would be great if Paperpile had a similar capability that allowed shard folders to live beyond a single individual. Paperpile could even leverage a Team Drive to store the PDFs.

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We are aware of the issue and have plans to solve that. Actually we’ve started a while ago with some fundamental changes that will make it easier to transfer accounts between users. That also includes support for Team Drives.

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Any progress on this? Related quesiton - what happens when the owner of a shared folder is no longer active, i.e. doesn’t have an account anymore? What happens to that folder?

I’m trying to figure out what will happen when a lab member graduates. Team Drive will address this issue.

Well there is sort of progress behind the scenes but the fruits of these efforts won’t be visible for some time.
We are working on a completely rewritten sharing system that solves this and many other issues raised in the forum about sharing.

In the meantime, we have rewritten our Google Drive Sync from scratch which will work with Team Drives in the future. Some user facing features related to Google Drive have been released recently:

As a workaround we usually suggest to have one shared folder where all papers belong to one user with an account that won’t go away. Many companies have a “librarian” account for that and an “inbox” shared folder where users put things to share and the librarian sorts it into the main shared folder. Not ideal, but it works.

You always can import the papers from another user to your personal library and put it in another shared folder.

Also as long a user does not delete his Paperpile account the papers will remain available. Even if the Google Drive account is not active anymore or the user does not have a Paperpile license anymore.