Sharing references

I’ve just noticed that it is possible to share references to a draft I have in without granting permission to access the draft itself. I used the option “view all references” to get a list and the link to it. It is a cool feature, but other party can actually change or delete a reference from the list – options edit/delete are available even when you are not logged into google account.

I think it is nice to share references this way – but options for edit/delete should pop up only for authorised users I guess.


You are bringing up an important point.

The “view all references” page is available to everyone who has access to your Google Doc. It’s common to share a Google Document via the option “everyone with the link”. We follow this pattern and everyone who has the link to the Google Document also has access to the “all references” page.

We don’t distinguish between read and write access, so everyone with access to the document will be able to change the references.

I suggest to use our other sharing features to share references with colleagues (use the “share” button in the main app). If you don’t share the URL of the “all reference” page only you and your collaborators have access to the references of a particular manuscript.

Actually I am able to edit references from the browser where I am not logged into google at all. When I click on the link leading to the google doc:

All References from [Untitled document]

then I am asked to choose with which account I am willing to proceed.


Yes, as I mentioned the sharing model of this reference page is “everyone with the link”.

You (and everyone else with access to the related Google document) can edit the references but no one else unless you give them the URL. It’s not possible to guess this URL for anyone.

ah yes, I see your point now %-)) sorry, possibly I did not read carefully.

what about the following additional feature – possibility to generate a “virtual” shared folder in paperpile collections – according to tags, keywords, or according to a list of references to the specific publication (in google docs, or from paperpile collection) - which is possible to share without sharing any google docs.

If this feature request was implemented, it would make it easier to share these references without sharing the document:

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aha, thanks! exactly what I had in mind %-)

I think it would be clever to have a feature allowing creating of folders or other shareable objects according to some criteria – tags or being a collection of references to some doc file.
Of course I can imagine that it may not be that easy to add to the existent framework.

I remember I used to have a group page running on a Plone engine, there were some “dynamic” view options, so you see essentially only those items which are brought by some search criteria.