Supplementary data

i usually use paperpile on my ipad. it works great to find and download the main pdf of the paper, but it never grabs the supplementary files with it. can you make this automatic like ReadCube does? if i try to import the supplementary files using my ipad it creates a new entry without metadata rather than linking to the main article. I realize i can do this on my computer, but again, I usually read on my ipad. Thanks!

Welcome to our forum, @will! We’re not currently able to import supplemental materials automatically - it is tricky since there’s no standardization/unification in publishing. Like ReadCube, we do want to offer this possibility so finding solutions for it is on our wishlist (for the web and mobile version alike).

Since this request has come up before, I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker to raise its priority.