Support for plugin in Google Slides

Is there any intention to introduce support for Google Slides?

I regularly make slides that include references. Often many references. And I often need to juggle slides around. As such I would benefit from the plugin being available.

I know a request has already been made for Sheets support, and that the demand is perceived to be low, but I would expect demand to be higher for presentations. Though of course, I don’t know how big an undertaking this would be.



No, also here I’m afraid the same things apply as for sheets. It has been asked before but it would be really hard to do.


This has as been asked again here [Duplicate] Add support for Google Slides

A dedicated integration with Google Slide or other Google Apps would be very complicated and so we (still) don’t have any plans to support that.

Typically, you don’t want to do in-text citations that are linked to a bibliography like you would do in Google Docs, right? So it should be no problem using normal cut and paste. That’s very simple with ‘Ctrl-c’ in Paperpile and ‘Ctrl-v’ in slides: