Trigger "Add to Paperpile" with keyboard shortcut

Is it possible to trigger the “Add to Paperpile” function in the extension using a keyboard shortcut? I don’t see any way to map this within Chrome, and I can’t find anything such as a bookmarklet that currently exists.
It would be fantastic to have this, as it would speed up the addition of multiple papers in multiple tabs tremendously rather than moving the mouse back and forth over a big screen.

@benferguson Welcome to the Paperpile community! It is now possible to set a keyboard shortcut for the new Paperpile extension, available in beta. We hope that it will speed up the addition of papers to your library considerably, if you are willing to try it out.

Incredible, thank you!

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You can also do this by setting up a keyboard shortcut in the Chrome extensions shortcuts area (chrome://extensions/shortcuts) - this was available before the new beta version

I use Alt P as easy to remember so it is very quick and easy to add a citation
I also find it useful to have the shortcuts link provided above added to the bookmarks bar