Turn the highlighted text into a comment

Besides that by highlighting text it bleeds into adjoining column (see Highlighting bleeds into adjoining column) I got rubbish text in the comments. I would like to be able to convert the highlighted text into a comment, or have the possibility to copy the highlighted text and turn it into a comment. This feature I use it a lot within Mendeley, and now I would like to have that type of functionality in Paperpile and metapdf.

Sorry guys, I tried to add a screenshoot but as a new user I was not allowed!


Highlighted text appears in the “annotations” tab one the left (pencil/edit icon). Not only are highlighted text & comments shown together, but you can copy-paste. Does this answer your question?

Thanks. I found that highlighting does create an annotation. The problem was that when I first try, instead of having the selected text as annotation on the left I got just rubbish text. Sorry that I cannot show the screenshoot as I am still considered new in the forum and I am not allowed to upload images.
So my best guess is that my problem is related with the already discussed topic “highlighting text it bleeds into adjoining column”.

We hope to release an update that should fix the highlighting issue later this week. FYI, the panel on the left is editable. It is a handy feature when the text extracted from the highlighted region has some errors like it might happen for PDFs that were OCRed.

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