Using our own pdf reader/annotation tool in iOS (ipad), while still operating on the paperpile copy

I like using PDF Expert for reading, highlighting, on the iPad with apple pencil, and I like to retrieve the papers I read using paperpile. I’m not sure how to accomplish this while still operating over the same pdf that paperpile is synchronizing.

Currently, the only option I readily see is exporting the PDF from paperpile (which makes a local pdf copy, which won’t synchronize anymore), which defeats a big part of my purpose using paperpile.

Any recommendations?

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Install Google Drive on iPad and access the PDFs from there. You need to manually figure out which file iswhich reference, but that is not too hard based on current file naming conventions. Problem is that, for me at least, PDF Viewer often hangs on Google Drive files. That basically makes it unusable. If PDF Expert does a better job there, that would be swell! would love to know more about that, then.

Thanks for the request, @orm. The method explained by @Holger_Karl is the only current workaround available. The request has come up recently a few times already so I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker for the team to consider.

Welcome to the forum @orm! pdf expert works well for me. There is an option to link your google drive account, and then you can choose the paperpile folder to sync. sometimes it can be a bit slow to sync, but it works in general.

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