View Only document

One of my documents is “view only” mode, so I can do nothing but read it. How can I fix it?


I also have the same problem with Chrome on MacBook. However, I can use the edit mode on my iPad.

It seems that currently Paperpile stops syncing with google drive. New documents won’t upload, and the old ones cannot be edited. Very frustrating.

It seems that all the files became “View Only” now. I need to use paperpile everyday, please fix it ASAP! Many thanks!

Please fix this ASAP. Thank you.

+1. Tried to two different browsers on Mac OS and annotating doesn’t work for old documents.

I’ve found that this issue has been fixed. Thanks team.

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It works now, thanks a lot!

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Hi everyone, thank you for letting us know of this issue. We are sorry for the trouble. We experienced a server overload so our servers and attachments processing had some delays yesterday, but everything is back to normal today.

I still have the same issue. Is this fixed for everyone and every file?

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Me too.
I still have the same issue.
When will it be fixed?

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I also have the same problem with Chrome on MacBook and my iPad.

Thanks @Young, @Yuichi_Yoshida, @M_S for the reports, and welcome to our forum! Apologies for the inconvenience here – our servers experienced brief disruption (resulting in this error) during a maintenance procedure the team carried out earlier today, but things should be back to normal now. Please let us know otherwise.

Hi there, I am experiencing this issue today! I’ve tried restarting Chrome a few times and clicked “Resync and Clean up” in the Google Drive settings. Assistance would be appreciated!

Welcome to our forum, @CHolden! This was due to another server glitch on our end, which should have been rectified by now. Please let us know if you’re till getting the issue.

Hi @vicente , I’m just now facing this same issue! I can edit with my iPad just fine, but on my browser it is view only. Anything you can do?

Welcome to our forum, @_ellisbrown! Is this still the case? No other reports or server issues on our end so far. If you haven’t already, restarting the browser and signing out / back in to your Google account there would be good things to try. Let me know.

Thanks! I just tried both, but no luck. After some more playing around, it seems it is only a single paper I am currently reading…

Thanks for the revert, @_ellisbrown. Could you check if the paper in question is synced/visible in your Google Drive, with the most recent annotations made on your iPad (if any)? Also --you’ve probably done this already-- on the mobile app please pull down the main screen to re-trigger sync. Let me know.

I have the same problem, for a few days now. Signing out and in to paperpile does not work. Quitting and restarting chrome also does not work.

what else should i be doing?