Warn on bulk actions when not from menu

When multiple items are checked it is possible to do bulk actions from the top menu, like add labels, or move items to folders. This makes sense, but some actions applied to an individual item, like adding a star, are also applied to all checked items. This can be a problem because items might be checked from a previous action and it isn’t clear that adding a star to this particular item will also star all the other items at the same time. I don’t know if there are other actions which work in this way, but I suggest that for any such actions, which are applied via the individual paper entry and not the top menu bar an alert box should come up and ask if the user wants to apply this action to all “X (number)” of papers or items.

See separate request for an “undo” feature.

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This would be great. I’ve accidentally added 3875 papers to a label when “select all” didn’t select all 60 papers currently loaded on page, but selected all the unsorted papers in my library. So I had no option but to delete the label and redo a few hours manual filing work. Paperpile is second to none for gathering solid metadata and PDF files from almost anywhere - but it’s view, sort and organising workflows could be better with a few relatively minor UI tweaks

I did a similar mistake.

I’ve done this like 3 times now, such as accidentally adding a ton of things to one folder (which is an auto-download folder on my tablet so a real pain to sort).