ACL Anthology Search

Hi, loving paperpile so far. I have a feature request related to getting papers from the ACL Anthology. At the moment, if I use the built in search, results don’t show up from there; however, if the paper exists there I would prefer to grab the citation from there. I am able to go to the anthology cite and add a paper using the extension (e.g. and everything shows up fine. It would be great though if this were built into the search since the acl anthology provides a search feature (eg,


Just to clarify, if I am on the anthology site, I can click the add to paperpile and everything works correctly. What I was hoping for was to have this work in the integrated search within paperpile

Could you give more information about the missing meta tags? I believe ACL Anthology is open source, so might be possible for me to do a pull request if its easy

Sorry Pedro - I got mixed up and gave you bad advice (now removed to avoid confusion). ACL does have meta-tags which work fine for our import tool - the search result buttons belong in a different realm. I’ve reached out to the dev team to check if we can add support for this, will let you know if it’s feasible now or if it might take a little longer.

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