Preprint -> Published paper



Hi all,

When a preprint (e.g. posted on manuscript is in paperpile and then gets published in a traditional journal, paperpile will recognize the published version as the same as the preprint, and will not allow 1) PDF upload through the chrome extension, or 2) metadata update through the web interface.

If my goal is to save the final published version, a current workaround is to 1) delete the preprint version, 2) save to paperpile the final version; 3) attach the preprint PDF as a secondary file.

I would suggest to either keep preprint and published versions distinct (in fact they often end up being quite different, even if they have the same title and authors), or to allow the user to add the published pdf to the current paperpile record as either primary or secondary pdf.


Auto-Update converts preprints to the published paper if available

I’m with giovanni on this, it would be great to be able to store preprints alongside the subsequent journal publication.

However, I also have a probably easier suggestion for a workaround. For me it is usually enough to change the preprint title from “Title” to “Preprint: Title” for paperpile to allow me to add the journal publication to my library as well…


Yes, better integration of pre-prints and accepted articles is essential. I love how it supports pre-prints, this is also essential, but when citing a pre-print that has now been published, we need to be able to do that in an efficient and easy way.


I can see how that would be useful. I’ve tagged it with “under-review” which means we are thinking about that if/when/how to best make this happen.


It would be nice if, for example, there was a button that would just search for the published paper using the info from the preprint. That would save a few steps in manually adding the published paper.