Adding tags in PDF viewer

It would be great to be able to add tags while viewing a PDF. I use tags to mark topics that papers are about and I often think of more as I am reading. Currently I have to switch back to the main Paperpile page but if would be great to be able to do this directly from the viewer.

Possibly this could extend to editing other metadata if people saw a need.


That’s planned and we already have started working on it. Actually it’s related to this frequently requested features to add labels/folders directly in the Chrome extension and we will solve this together:


That’s great thinking by lazappi. I would have to see adding tags in PDF viewer. It would have indeed great to see this directly from the viewer.

Great! I look forward to seeing it soon. Thanks for the quick response.

Awesome. This is a really important feature for me

Hello! I realize this is a very old post, but am wondering if this feature of being able to add a tag to a paper while viewing it in pdf has been implemented – I haven’t been able to find a more recent instruction on how that would work. To be specific, I am wanting to add a tag to the paper while reading the pdf without having to go to the library.

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@E_katherine Welcome to the forum, and thank you for replying to this thread. The ability to add labels within the PDF viewer is not available yet. But improvements to the PDF viewer are planned, so I’ve added your +1 for this feature.

I’m also happy to say that in the new Paperpile extension, available in beta, you can add labels to references directly within the popup (this is the feature request @stefan referred to above).

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