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thanks for all the work that you do, i’m really glad I ran across y’all.

Right now I’m putting all my notes for each pdf in the … well, notes section rather then comments or annotations because I like being able to search across all my notes in each pdf. I was wondering if search of annotations/comments across docs would ever be a feature?



I was wondering if search of annotations/comments across docs would ever be a feature?

This is an excellent feature suggestion. Are there any plans for this?

Yes, that’s actually something we are already working on.


Great to hear, thank you!

Thank you for this info. Unfortunately most of the titles have other characters that are making them indistinguishable to the auto-update. Is there any way for me to download the RIS version and somehow manually attach it to existing articles?

@ktejeda I replied on our original exchange :point_left:t4:

Is this feature available now? Or likely to be available soon?

I just came here to make this suggestion.

Working on a project right now and juggling several sources. Making annotations in the Paperpile app and annotating the pdfs in the web app.

Would love the ability to tag certain annotations with a project name that I could then use to search across sources. At minimum a search function to search for a keyword I place in notes, comments, annotations would be a great help.

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Any update on this feature? this would be a game changer for me.

Thanks for the ping here, @Chris_Taylor! Full-text search from the library will be implemented first (hopefully by the end of this year) along with some other advanced search filters/features, then we will be in a better position to work on searching annotations/highlights. Adding your +1 to the topic on our tracker.

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Hi there! It’s now almost a year later and this feature still isn’t available. Is there a timeline or an update for when I will be able to search my annotations in the app? I’d love to use Paperpile as a One-Stop shop but at this stage I’ll have to use two apps at once, which kind of ruins the flow.

Thank you!

Thanks for the ping here, @Kayla_Morgan, and welcome to our forum! Significant changes for our extension and interface are currently in beta and will soon include the ability to search PDF full text from the library, which will then enable us to work on the ability to search annotations/highlights. I don’t have a concrete timeline to share at the moment, but the updates about to be implemented will greatly improve our ability/efficiency to consider and implement requests.

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I have noticed that the preview version now also searches annotations (in addition to full-text etc.), which is great. Could we please also get highlight search? Is it in the works?

@otichy Searching for PDF highlights has not been implemented yet in the new Paperpile but it is planned.

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