Long-form notes & annotated bibliography

Hi there,

I’d love if there was a word-processing feature integrated with the pdf reader that allows you to take long-form notes with formatting tools (like google docs) but connected to each pdf. I prefer to take notes that way (outlining) over directly commenting on the pdf. These notes could then be exported to build an easy annotated bibliography. I primarily use Mendeley because they have a box for general notes in their desktop app, but would definitely switch to Paperpile if this feature was added.

Thanks for voicing your request here as well, @Mels. Reading it now I wonder if you’ve come across our library notes (pencil icon under each reference, pictured below). These don’t have any formatting tools and are connected to the reference rather than the PDF, but could still be useful for you.


Additionally, you can use the style “American Psychological Association 6th edition (annotated bibliography with personal notes)” to have these notes show up in a bibliography.

Regardless, as I mentioned via chat similar versions of this request have come up before so your +1 is already on the topic on our tracker. Please feel free to share any further questions or comments!

Great, thank you!

I tried finding these notes in the iOS version - they do not seem to be synchronized / viewable / editable in the app, right? They only exist in the Web view? Being able to edit those notes in the app would be really helpful. No need for anything fancy, just a simple text field would do fine.