Numeric in-text citations

Hey, I’m trying to convert the ASA citation style to the Chicago style with in-text numeric citations AND short notes. I cannot find this style in Paperpile or anything similar. Any advice? It is driving me insane.


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Hi @Mette_Bjerre, welcome to the forum! This thread might be relevant, if you have a sample of the style we might be able to help!

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Sorry, not helpful :frowning: I cannot figure out how to create the style I need myself and I don’t understand why it’s not available in Paperpile given that it’s a very common style? I need Chicago 17th with numbered in-text citations, short notes, and bibliography. I need a style that does all 3 things:

  1. Inserts the number in the text that corresponds to the endnote
  2. Creates an endnote with the citation in short note format e.g. Johnson 2018
  3. Creates a bibliography (not numbered) with complete citations as per Chicago style 17th

perhaps this then?

Thanks, but no. I have a document currently formatted in ASA that I need to change to Chicago. This post suggests I have to create each footnote individually. Seems to defeat the purpose of using Paperpile then?

@Mette_Bjerre as we discussed via email, Paperpile does not have enough permissions to create or format footnotes automatically, so existing citations cannot be automatically turned into footnotes. These can instead be created via document menu/settings (or keyboard shortcut) for citations to be inserted there directly - just make sure the cursor is on that field and cite normally. You can also cut/paste existing in-text citations to footnotes.

For note citations (in-text or footnotes) please choose the appropriate version of Chicago like below and hit ‘Format citations’ once again. The same can be done on Word if preferred.

I am very surprised there is no way to insert alphanumeric (1 or i or A) in-text citations, with the alphanumeric automatically assigned to each unique source in the bibliography. This seems like the exact reason to pay for Paperpile. This means paperpile is only useful for academic papers, not reports from NGOs.