Provide support for OpenURL resolver

Any news on whether this is possible? At the moment I can’t really use paperpile or recommend it to students so am considering pulling the plug. I don’t feel that this is a marginal case so hope we can get an update many thanks!

We have not been able to consider solutions for this but expect to prioritize the matter (and other proxy connection methods like OpenAthens) by the end of this year. Our current focus is to push the updates on the pipeline; original plans have suffered delays but we’re working hard to catch up. Sorry I don’t have a workaround to offer in the meantime.

This has completely killed Paperpile’s usability for me and sent me over to Zotero. Maybe one day I’ll be back, but this is a non-negotiable.

Welcome @Christopher_McMaster to the forum, and we are sorry for the inconvenience. The matter continues to be on our radar, but our dev team cannot work on resolving this issue until we have updated the web app (see @vicente’s post above). I have added your +1 to our internal tracker.

OpenAthens is not working for me :frowning: This, combined with slow development on numerous other fronts is making me very concerned how long I will remain a user of paperpile (I’ve been a user for 8 years!).

@lalarabbit (and everybody), following some updates we’ve had other users successfully configure access to OpenAthens (manually via library Settings > Proxy Access) with a link resolver looking like:$@

You would need to replace the bit with your own institution’s URL (or something like that). The most important thing is making sure to include ?url=$@ or /login?url=$@ at the end of the link. Anybody who’s able to try this with their institutional login, please let us know if it works.

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This doesn’t work for Monash University. I was able to log in but testing the proxy was not successful.

@lalarabbit could you share the link you’re using so we can have a look?

This is the link:$@

The team confirms that looks correct. Could you also let us know the URL this redirects to (when clicking Log in from our interface) and what the URL is after sign-in?

The “Login” from paperpile seems successful “Authentication for “Monash University” was successful”, but the “Test” option doesn’t work “Connection to “Monash University” failed. Make sure you are logged in. Log in”. There is no re-directed URL for the test option.


I am having a similar issue. Any progress or advice on this front? Auto download only works with completely public articles for me for the last few months.

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Okay, this is working for my institution now ($@), but the iOS app doesn’t allow me to configure my own proxy?

Edit: can we just remove the University of Melbourne EZproxy? It doesn’t work, so it just shouldn’t be there.

That url didn’t work for me, but this one did:$@

The url provided above doesn’t work for me (Swinburne University). I have tried the following, able to sign in but test proxy failed.$@$@

Thanks for the report, @zhao.paperpile. Could I trouble you to share every URL that appears in the browser tab, after this URL is entered: ? Since we don’t have access to reproduce this from our end, the details you can share will help us investigate. Let me know.

Thanks for looking into it @vicente. Here are the URLs before reaching


Then, (I have removed some information for security purpose) removed)&



We have a staff member (University of Adelaide) reporting that they are seeing a “Connection failed. Make sure you are logged in” error when using the 2 variations of OpenAthens URLs listed in this thread. Are there any updates that anyone can offer on this functionality or whether OpenURL resolver integration is being developed? I’ve checked the roadmap but can’t see anything specific.

Welcome to our forum, @treeves. Even though some users have managed to connect via redirectors, it is not due to updates on our end since we have yet to delve further into diversifying our proxy connection options. As I mentioned above, in spite of the details kindly provided by users like @zhao.paperpile, we have been unable to properly troubleshoot since we lack test access to OpenAthens servers (if any university/institution is able to share one, we would be most grateful), so there is little we can do from our end until we are able to actually develop the feature.

At the moment our resources are entirely dedicated to getting our new extension and web app (currently in beta) released to the public. Once that’s up and running, we will be able to shift focus back to this and other topics.

My interim solution with this issue (Paperpile web v27 (ea20e4)) is:

  1. If I am unable to download an article “due to proxy connection failed”, then I visit the article webpage manually.
  2. Once it is authenticated with OpenAthens manually, then if I try to re-download the article using Paperpile again, it seems to work, as long as my institution’s subscription includes access to the original article.
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