Repost: You cannot view or change the references of this document

New user to Paperpile. It has many great features and I would love to get it for my team, but I am having the same issue as other users. I initially get this dialog box:
Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 8.18.09 AM

I will restart the plugin which will show me the link to the reference, but when I click on it I’m taken to the page with the “You cannot view or change the references of this document” error.

I did all the other troubleshooting and it is still not working. I posted something in a similar support thread yesterday but got no response from staff so I thought I’d post a new topic here to, hopefully, get an answer.

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@Thomas_Brewer this is the dialogue you are supposed to be seeing. From there, clicking the pencil icon and the blue bubble opens the advanced options, where you will then see the option to ‘Open in Paperpile’:

Seeing the links instead of the above at any point means the extension is not working properly and needs to be reloaded. The links are currently internal and don’t lead anywhere.