Request: Compact view



An alternative compact view where each reference item only takes up one line on the screen would make it easier to find things without a lot of scrolling, and would make bulk operations easier.


Seconded - I actually just asked the devs about this feature. I was thinking something like Title - Year - Author in a single line, or maybe even select which data you want displayed. But simply single-line entries would an awesome addition.


Yes I’d also like this


Please add this! I moved from Mendeley to Paperpile and PP is superior in every way except information density. It becomes tedious to try and scroll to find an article (when you can’t find it directly with a search because its too generic) because of the interface having to pause to load the next set of articles. It’s discouraged me from skimming through my library to just see what I have if I want to revisit an old piece.